Hospital Check In

We got to the hospital about 9am and had a quick visit with the fetal maternal specialists prior to checking in to labor and delivery. We had another level 2 ultrasound that showed no changes. Baby is still on track for growth and they estimate he is 1lb. 6oz. right now. There is still no measurable amniotic fluid.

After the ultrasound we came up to labor and delivery and I am getting settled into my room. I’ve got my IV in, and my IV antibiotics should be arriving from pharmacy in a bit. I’m also hooked up to monitors for my heart rate, baby’s heart rate, and contractions. I should also be getting steroid injections later today, which may help with the baby’s lung development.

After today’s excitement, it’s likely to be pretty uneventful until baby is ready to come.

Visitors over the age of 12 are welcome; please text if you want to come keep me company 🙂


One thought on “Hospital Check In

  1. SO glad to hear you are getting settled in to your new “home”. If I can send magazines or DVDs or books, please send me your address and care packages will be on the way from North Carolina!!!


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