26 Weeks!

Just a quick update…I’m 26 weeks pregnant today and never imagined I’d still be pregnant 13 weeks after my water breaking. Everything is stable with no signs of infection, bleeding, or preterm labor yet. Doctors are calling this the ‘watch and wait’ stage. Everyone at the hospital has been taking great care of us. People are telling me that my belly is starting to look a lot bigger in the past few days, and baby still looks great on the monitors.

I realize we have shared baby’s name with most people we have spoken to in person, but for those we aren’t able to see as often, I would officially like to introduce baby Samuel Arthur, who will go by Sam… Or as big brother Wes sometimes calls him, Arfur 🙂

I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who has sent encouraging words, come for a short visit to keep me sane, sent goodies and care packages, and those that have offered help to my amazing husband in the past few weeks. We really have the best family and friends anyone could hope for. Thank you!


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