Merry Christmas!

Santa brought me exactly what I wanted this year! Just look at that belly!


Every day that passes I am amazed and thankful for one more day of Samuel growing safely inside me. Every day I am a bit more hopeful as well. I’ve started to have small, infrequent, irregular contractions over the past few days, but my nurses and doctors say that is normal in any pregnancy at this time. Otherwise there have been no changes. I can’t believe we’re still hanging in there, and my next goal of staying pregnant until 2015 is another day closer to becoming a reality.

I spent Christmas Eve with my mom, who brought an incredible tray of homemade cookies and candies to share with my nurses and visitors. I had a video call with family last night and got to watch everyone open their presents. Isn’t technology wonderful? I have video calls with Dan and Wes every day. I got to see Wes’s reaction this morning when he went downstairs to see if Santa came. They are packing everything up to come have breakfast and open presents with me now.

I could not have asked for a better Christmas. I hope your day is as filled with joy as mine. Merry Christmas everyone!


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