Growth Ultrasound!

I had a growth ultrasound today and I am so encouraged!

Sam now weighs an estimated 2 lbs 5 oz and his growth is right on track with any normal 28 week baby. Other than the clubbed foot that we were already aware of, no developmental abnormalities were found. He is perfect.

He had hiccups during the ultrasound. Hiccups are the result of baby inhaling amniotic fluid and are part of the process of lung development. We also saw diaphragm movement that suggested practice breathing. We also saw fluid in his stomach and lungs. There was only a little fluid in his stomach when we began, but more fluid in his stomach later in the ultrasound which means he had recently swallowed some fluid.

Amniotic fluid is needed for lung development. It’s constantly being replenished – baby gets nutrients through the umbilical cord and when he urinates this becomes amniotic fluid. They then swallow more fluid which goes into their stomach, and they practice breathing the fluid in to their lungs. Yes, babies breathe and drink their own urine in the womb. I never realized that before my water broke either.

So, even though I’ve had no measurable fluid since my water broke, what we saw today makes me so hopeful that Sam is able to make use of what fluid there is before it leaks back out. It makes me hopeful that despite the odds, his lungs may be developed enough to survive.

He is still breech, which means almost certainly a c-section for me when the time comes, but the good news is that he is frank breech, which means butt down with his feet up near his head. This minimizes the risk that a tiny foot could start to slip out during the very early stages of labor and cause complications.

I am still feeling great with no bleeding and no signs of infection. I’ve been having infrequent, irregular contractions which is normal for this stage of pregnancy. My body is just practicing for what to do when the time comes. There are no signs of pre-term labor right now. It looks like my prayers of having a 2015 baby are going to be answered!

I will be having weekly ultrasounds from this point forward, and it’s very likely we will deliver in the next few weeks. It’s beyond amazing I’m still pregnant right now to be honest. Doctors never expected this. Standard practice in the US is to schedule a c-section or induce labor by 34 weeks in this type of situation, so it looks like our eviction date will be around February 11 if Sam doesn’t decide to make an appearance before then.

I will make sure to keep everyone updated as the delivery date approaches quickly. As always, thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers, and especially for your support during the holiday season. Happy New Year to everyone!!!

IMG_1872 IMG_1873


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