My trip to L&d

Last night, at 28 weeks and 2 days I had a little bleeding that sent me down from antepartum to L&D.

Bleeding is fairly common after PPROM, but I have not had any bleeding from my rupture at 13 weeks until now. Because it is a new symptom for me, we wanted to watch it carefully. The cause of bleeding could be simple harmless uterine irritation, but it could be a sign on infection, cervical dilation, or placental abruption too.

I was put on IV fluids to make sure my IV was working properly and put back on continuous monitoring. After a few hours my contractions started to increase in frequency and intensity, coming about every 10 minutes. By 4am they were every 5 minutes. I thought for sure baby was coming today.

Then, everything calmed down. Bleeding stopped. Contractions slowed to every 10 minutes, then even less frequently and are back to being mild and irregular.

They were going to move me back to antepartum but kept me here one more day to be extra cautious. If things stay the same I think I will get to move back tomorrow. It looks like we get to stay pregnant one more day after all.


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