NICU tour, organ donation, and another trip to L&D

I’m back in L&D for another night. Hopefully we are being overly cautious, and I am so glad to have such a responsive and concerned medical team caring for me.

I’ve been having bleeding off and on since my first L&D visit last Friday. That’s probably an indicator that the time to deliver will be soon. There will come a point in time where the outside is safer than the inside for Sam, and I’m trusting my doctors to tell me when that is.

A few other exciting things happened earlier today.

First, I was able to begin the process of consenting to be a donor family in the event of a poor outcome. I want to assure everyone that we are still hoping for a good outcome and all this will be unnecessary. However Dan and I wanted to be prepared and make sure we were on the same page with our wishes in a worst case scenario.

Many families don’t consider the option of neonatal donation, so these donations are incredibly valuable to families in need. Sam isn’t likely to meet the weight requirements of a transplant donor, but he will be able to assist with research that could save so, so many lives. It may sound odd, but having a purpose like this in the event of a poor outcome is helping me cope with the uncertainty of our situation. I know that I will either bring my sweet baby home with me, or he will go on to be a hero helping others. If anyone would like to learn more about what we are doing, please visit Purposeful Gift and The International Institute for the Advancement of Medicine

I also had a tour of the NICU today. I’ve already spoken with one of the neonatologist about what will happen when Sam is born, how they will determine his level of lung development, and what types of things we are likely to experience during his NICU stay. Today I got to visit the NICU and see the types of equipment, oscillators and ventilators and feeding tubes and things like that. It was difficult, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to see it and take it all in now, since I’m sure it will be so much harder when my own child is hooked up to those machines fighting for his life.

I also had an awesome visit, my parent brought me some homemade soup and bread for dinner and really lifted my spirits after a busy and challenging day.

Spending the night in L&D, hopefully a quiet and uneventful night, and we will see what tomorrow brings.


One thought on “NICU tour, organ donation, and another trip to L&D

  1. Julie Schumann says:

    Hey Sarah! Just wanted to let you know that I apologize for not being able to stop up to the hospital as of yet. Colds and ear infections with the kids…. Definitely didnt not want to carry anything up there. You and Dan are so strong and I admire your strength and courage.

    I just wanted to let you know that regardless if I have been able to physically be there or not, you guys and Baby Sam are always in my prayers… as well as praying for God to guide the medical staff in the right direction for proper care of you both.
    I Love you guys So Much & Hope to see you very soon!

    ~ Hugs & Kisses



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