The first 24 hours

Thanks to everyone for your kind and supportive words and continuing to pray for Sam.

He is doing as well as could be expected. We know this will be a roller coaster for a while, and we are so proud of our strong little man for fighting so hard.

They have had him on two types of ventilators to see what is most compatible with his tiny lungs, and he needed to be sedated for a bit while he got used to the ventilator. He seems to be fairly stable on the ventilator today and breathing well. They expect there has been some growth restriction in his lungs, but only time will tell us how well they are able to function.

He needed a medicine to assist with heart function and blood pressure, but was successfully weaned off that medicine earlier today.

He was initially put on antibiotics after birth as a preventative measure. When a test came back suggesting possible blood infection they added another antibiotic to specifically target that as well. He will have repeated blood tests until they confirm the infection is gone.

He also had an echocardiogram today that showed a few potential abnormalities. Hopefully he will outgrow most of this with no problems, but in a worst case scenario he could need surgery.

We are taking things all one day at a time. We are asking for Sam to have no visitors at this time because his body could not handle exposure to new germs. Once he is a little more stable we will let family and close friends know that they are welcome.


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