Daily update – Friday January 16

I woke up to an amazing surprise today. Our night nurse, Bethany, went above and beyond and made us some scrapbook pages with Sam’s footprints last night.




Sam has continued to do very well. A second culture had been done to test for infection and came back negative, so he is able to get his picc line. They made one attempt to put in the picc line but had a difficult vein. They will try again tomorrow.

They also adjusted his antibiotics based on further analysis of the first culture. The doctor also did a lumbar puncture to be extra cautious. This is a test that looks for infection that may impact the brain. Things look very good right now though, so hopefully it’s just an over precaution. We will have results tomorrow.

A repeat scan was done of his abdominal area and found nothing concerning. He actually has good gas flow throughout his system and has great bowel sounds when they listen to his belly with a stethoscope. They said because of this, he is ready to begin trying a little bit of breast milk through his feeding tube. This will be beneficial for his gut bacteria and will help him produce his first bowel movement. He had his first milk just before noon today. The nurse gave him 10ml of milk through his tube while I did ‘oral care’ putting a milk soaked q-tip in his mouth to suck on. Later the nurse gave him more milk in his feeding tube again.

I actually got to change his diaper myself today too!! Twice!!! I am so happy to be more involved in his care. I love being able to touch him and I’m still anxiously awaiting the day he is strong enough to be held.

His swelling is down and he is less agitated by his surroundings. They have taken his earmuffs off, so we can see a tiny bit more of his face now. He is still wearing the eye mask to protect him from the bright bili lights, and has the ventilator tube in his mouth.

His ventilator tube was adjusted today. It is reviewed by a doctor every day and adjusted most days to be in the exact perfect spot. He handled the process very well with little fuss and calmed down very quickly and easily after. I spoke with the doctor tonight and he said the ventilator setting have been reduced to the point that Sam is minimally dependent on the equipment. Within the next 24 to 48 hours, they plan to try removing the ventilator! This is amazing news!!!

As for me, I will have my staples out and be released tomorrow. My recovery continues to go very smoothly. The doctor had my placenta tested after delivery and it was confirmed that I did not have an infection when I went into labor. He also tested the portion of my Fallopian tubes that he removed so he could confirm 100% that my elective tubal ligation was successful.

That’s about it for today. It was a very busy, very eventful day. Hopefully we will continue to make such great progress.


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