Daily updates – Thursday January 15

A few quick updates for today:

– I will be going home Saturday. After six and a half weeks in the hospital, I’m looking forward to being home very much.

– I’m healing well after my surgery. My staples will be removed tomorrow. Pain levels are very manageable and I am very mobile already.

– I was able to feed Sam today! Well, sort of. I was able to give him a few drops of breast milk from a q-tip. He is unable to swallow it because of the ventilator, but some of the benefits are able to be absorbed through his cheek. He responded positively to the smell and taste of the milk and seemed happy!

– Sam’s blood pressure dropped again today, so he was given a new medication which he responded to very well.

– A repeat echocardiogram was performed and the findings on his heart were the same. We are still hoping he will be able to outgrow any abnormalities without surgery, but only time will tell.

– Sam had his abdominal area x-rayed because he had a slight bluish color under the skin on his abdomen. The X-ray saw nothing concerning or unusual.

– Once Sam’s blood infection has been eliminated he will be getting a picc line for easier IV access.

– Sam needed a blood transfusion today. The nurse said this is common in preemies because so blood is drawn for testing so frequently.

– Sam’s blood gasses were very good today, so his ventilator settings were able to be reduced slightly.


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