Daily Update – Tuesday January 20

Sam is 1 week old!

I missed updating yesterday. Life is a little bit exhausting right now, but I’m sure we will settle into a routine soon.

Yesterday was a huge day. I got to hold Sam for the first time!


He was again promoted to the next level of breathing support, which is still a cpap but has a smaller piece going across his face to his nose. It’s more comfortable for him and allows him to do things like lay on his tummy (which he loves) and be held.

He’s continuing to do well with eating and had the amount increased again today. He’s been digesting well so they plan to increase again tomorrow too. We are just waiting on his first bowel movement and hoping everything continues to look good with his intestines.

Today I got to hold him again. He can be held once per day now, and soon they will increase that to more. Dan is going to take a turn holding him later this week too.

As I write this, Sam is in his third attempt for a picc line. He had an IV go bad earlier today and has some redness and swelling at the site. Since his IVs continue to be so difficult a picc line is really important, but the first two attempts proved too difficult. They are looking for a suitable vein in his head this time. It’s actually a very good location, as scary as it may look. His longest lasting, best IV so far was in his head so I am very hopeful that this will be successful.

I’ll try to continue updating daily as we keep having little milestones every day.


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