Daily update – Wednesday January 21

Today’s update will be short given the subject, because I am exhausted. I’m sure there will be questions, please let me know and I will answer them when I am able.

Just before 4am we got a call from Sam’s neonatologist. We had been watching his heart because there was a possibility for an abnormality that would require surgery. Over the night, they were starting to see that evidence, and wanted to let us know they would be transferring him to Lurie Childrens.

I was able to get to CDH early and visit for a while, then rode with him in the ambulance. Once we got to Lurie there was a lot of paperwork and new doctors to meet, and a lot of tests for Sam. Dan met us at the hospital.

Sam will be having surgery to correct a portion of his aortic arch that is too small. We don’t know when the surgery will be, because the plan will be to allow him to grow more first. The restriction in the arch could result in complications with the lower part of his body and with his blood pressure, but so long as the complications don’t begin to occur and Sam is gaining weight, we can buy a little time before the surgery.

The cardiologist is confident they can perform the surgery successfully, but there will be less risks the bigger Sam is. It is one of the most common heart surgeries, and the arch is actually outside the heart so it is much less complicated than other types of heart surgery. It should not have a lasting effect on Sam’s quality of life.

Thank you to everyone for continued prayers. While we always knew this would be a possibility today has been overwhelming.






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