Daily Update Saturday January 24

Sam has just been hanging out and doing his baby thing for the past few days. He loves snuggles time and the little yummy tastes of milk he gets. He gives us a little smile once in a while. When he’s unhappy he is starting to get more vocal; his lungs are getting so much stronger.

Today his nurse took off his cpap for about 15 minutes while she was examining him, and his breathing and oxygen rates were perfect the entire time! He’s going to stay on the breathing assistance for now so he can conserve energy and hopefully grow a bit faster, but we are very confident that after his surgery he will be breathing entirely on his own quickly.

Sam also had his first meconium today. This is hugely exciting for us because we have been so concerned with bowel function. It looks like he was just waiting for mommy to be the one doing a diaper change to let loose.

Big brother Wes is going to come down with us tomorrow. He’s not allowed in the NICU but he’s going to explore the city a little with daddy while mommy visits Sam, then have lunch with mommy while daddy gets some Sam time.


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