Surgery Day

7:45am – Sam has gone in to prep for surgery. He is so strong and we know he is going to be great today! I will update this post throughout the day every time we get new information.



9:45am The nurse stopped by to let us know that everything is going well. The surgery prep is complete and the incision has been made. They should be completing the repair soon.

10:30am The nurse came to let us know that the repair is complete. There are no reported complications at this point. They are taking some pictures of the heart and will begin closing the incision shortly. Sam will remain sedated for a couple days to help with pain management and to limit movement to prevent bleeding. We won’t know for certain about certain complications until after he wakes up and comes off the ventilator, but at this time everything is looking good.

11:15 am They are in the process of closing the incision and should be out of the operating room in the next 30 minutes. We should be able to see him about an hour after that. Cannot wait to see my Super Sam again!

12:00 pm Dr. Monge and the anesthesiologist both came by to let us know the surgery is complete. Both said that everything went smoothly, no known complications and nothing unexpected. Sam is having some chest X-rays and getting settled into his new room on the cardiac floor of the hospital. We should be able to see him in about 45 minutes.

2:00pm Super Sam is resting comfortably after successful surgery ❤




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