Daily Update – Friday January 30

Thank you to everyone for your prayers. Super Sam is just amazing!

Sam continues to recover well after his surgery. He was taken off the ventilator with no difficulty earlier today. He is back on a high flow nasal cannula. He will also begin to get breast milk through a feeding tube again tomorrow. Feeding will progress slowly at first, but we hope to have him off IV nutrition and getting 100% breast milk over the next few weeks. He will also begin physical therapy soon for a contraction in his left arm.

We are still monitoring a small discrepancy between his upper body and lower body blood pressures. The blood pressure discrepancy is a direct result of his heart defect. It can take a few days for blood pressures to normalize after surgery. At this point he has not had need for any blood pressure medication and we are hopeful that we won’t need to introduce any.

We are happy to report that there are no apparent complications from the surgery at this time. We will still be monitoring for signs of re-coarctation but there is no evidence of complication right now.

Sam has chest tubes to drain fluid that accumulates around his incision, and provided fluid remains low the tubes should be removed in a few days.

We are hoping within the next week or so, Sam may be well enough to transfer from Lurie Childrens back to Central DuPage. We will welcome healthy adults to visit at that time.

In about a month we will begin teaching Sam how to eat. Babies born so early cannot coordinate sucking, swallowing, and breathing. They often either choke on the milk or have episodes of apnea where they forget to take a breath. Sam should be ready to begin nursing or taking a bottle about a month from now.

We still have a long journey ahead of us before Sam is ready to come home, but some of the biggest hurdles have been cleared. It’s too early to estimate when he will be coming home with us, but I’m sure he will continue to make quick progress and amaze us!

Here he is having a little nap on his belly this afternoon.



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