Saturday February 7

Today we celebrated the life of Dan’s aunt Cathy. Unlike most funerals I’ve been to, today was filled with more laughs and smiles than tears. I think that’s a tribute to the way Cathy lived and the impact she had on others. She was such a bright and wonderful woman and I’m blessed to have known her.


Sam needed a little help breathing today and was put back on CPAP. The nurses think we may have just been pushing him to wean faster than he was ready following the surgery, and they are not concerned. We will try to go back to the high flow cannula in a few more days when he is ready.

He is on track to be off IV nutrition by Monday and is doing great with milk through his feeding tube. We may start bottle and breast feeding in about a week if he is ready. We are also keeping a close eye on his heart and blood pressure following surgery but haven’t seen any issues at this time.

Big brother Wes is excited to be getting a new loft bed and a new bedroom, and has been busy sorting through old toys to pick out some things appropriate to hand down to his new baby brother. He has picked out a super hero (Justice League) theme for his new room.


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