One Month Old!

Sam is one month old today!

He’s up to 10ml of milk every hour and no longer getting IV fluids. Tomorrow we will start working on nursing. It will be a while before we can actually nurse or give a bottle for a full feed, but we are ready to start learning how to latch.

Sam now weighs 4 pounds! He’s getting bigger and stronger every day. He has been able to regulate his own body temperature well and will be moving out of the incubator into a regular crib in the near future.

We’ve started physical and occupational therapy this week as well. Sam’s arms don’t extend fully at the elbows because of his position in the womb. His right arm is only about 15 degrees from full extension, but his left arm does not extend much past a 90 degree angle. He also has physical therapy for his feet, which have a slight curve.

Still no word on moving back to CDH but we are hoping to discuss with he doctor in the next week.



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