Monday, February 16


Sam is out of the incubator and in a regular crib now!

He also had his PICC line taken out. No more IV fluids!

He’s also back down to 1L and 21% on his nasal cannula.

Lots of little steps, all in the right direction. He’s got a long way to go before coming home still, but he is really doing great.

Grandma really got it right with this shirt. The force is strong with this one.



One thought on “Monday, February 16

  1. Amazing little guy! My daughter was preemie 26 years ago. 25 weeks in size and 29 weeks gestation… 1LB 6oz. Looking at the pictures took me right back to that time. Once they get to the “fat farm” and start putting weight on, they are transformed! I did the same as you, recording every feeding and weight gain, days on ventilator and oxygen… Wishing you and yours wonderful things!


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