Saturday March 7

Sam is now 5lbs!

We are at the point in his NICU stay where slow and steady wins the race. Learning how to eat and showing consistent weight gain and growth is a slow process.

Right now Sam gets 45ml of milk every three hours. When I can be at the hospital he nurses. He is weighed before and after nursing to see how much milk he transferred, then the balance is given through the feeding tube in his nose. Breastfeeding is a little more difficult for preemies to pick up on, but Sam has transferred as much as 20ml a few times already.

When I can’t be at the hospital Sam takes a bottle. Last night and this morning he’s been taking the full 45ml orally and did not need to use the feeding tube.

Once Sam is able to take full feeds orally for about two straight days and is showing consistent and appropriate growth, he will be able to come home. The doctors and nurses think that will happen in the next 1-2 weeks!

We are also working on his physical therapy with fun little exercises for his arms and feet. We are seeing good progress with the amount of extension he has in each arm though this is a long term process.

I’m amazed every day how strong he is. He has definitely earned the nickname Super Sam!


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