Three months! And a cardiology update

Sam is three months old today! 7lbs 6oz and 19.3 inches. 


He is exhausted after a long appointment with the cardiologist today. We were there over four hours!

The aorta, where he had surgery for coarctation, is still looking good.

But, his unicuspid aortic valve may be starting to narrow. From one viewpoint it looks unchanged, but from another viewpoint it’s progressing toward the point he will need surgery.

We were nearly admitted today, but after seeking several professional opinions they decided to send us home for now. We follow up again in three weeks.

The balloon catheter procedure that Sam will need is much less invasive than his last surgery. A catheter will be inserted, probably through his leg, and pushed through to his heart. There, they will inflate a tiny balloon to open up the narrow valve. His hospital stay after the procedure should be short. 

If the balloon catheter isn’t effective or has complications Sam might need a valve replacement. He’s likely to need replacement at some point in his life. This would be a much more significant open heart surgery, so we are hoping it can be avoided for many more years. 

Aside from his heart, we are still working with physical and occupational therapy for his arms and have an evaluation coming up on Friday with Early Intervention.

We are also working to get his reflux under control. The pediatrician started him on Zantac last week and it’s making a nice difference, yay! 

We are scheduled to see lactation later this week too. Sam is getting mostly pumped milk from a bottle now and I’m hoping we can transition to nursing! He does need to have some special high calorie formula a few times every day to help with weight gain and certain micronutrients that preemies can’t get from breast milk, but I’d like to start nursing more and pumping less. 

I’ve actually pumped so much milk that both my freezers are FULL and I’ve sent milk to my mom’s to keep frozen there. I’m making a donation to our local non-profit milk bank of 250oz as soon as my blood test is approved. My milk will be processed and sent to local NICUs to help the babies who need it most!

Assuming we all stay healthy I am starting work again on May 4 and Sam will have his first day of daycare. He will be going to the same daycare as Wes but he will be in the infant classroom. 

I think that’s about all for now. It’s amazing how far we have come in the past few months! I will continue to post any big updates here.


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