Post Valvuloplasty Update

Sorry for the lack of updates. This week has been crazy.

Sam was pretty tired after his procedure on Monday. He got some sugars through his IV until he was taking bottles regularly. He slept through the night well at the hospital, and he generally seemed like himself again by morning. We expected we’d be going home Tuesday afternoon.

They wanted to run a few tests on Tuesday to make sure everything looked good. First thing in the morning he had an EKG, a little blood work, and an echo. Unfortunately something didn’t look quite right on the echo. There was a little irregular blood flow in his lower aorta, below his diaphragm near the renal artery. The doctor thought it might be a small blood clot, which could be treated with blood thinners. The doctor wanted to confirm with a CT scan, but unfortunately we could not get a scan until Wednesday morning.

The next morning the CT found that it was not a blood clot causing the blood flow issues, it was an aneurysm. The doctors believe that the catheter probably brushed against the wall of the aorta here, causing a little damage. It’s a very rare complication, so Sam’s results were reviewed by the most senior doctors and surgeons on staff.

Fortunately they found the aneurysm to be very small. There is no swelling or dilation of the aorta, so there is really no risk of rupture. They believe the damage will heal on it’s own over the next several weeks.

We will continue to watch the aneurysm very closely to ensure it doesn’t worsen or develop blood clots. The aneurysm is near the renal artery, so doctors are also watching both the aorta and renal arteries.

Sam had an ultrasound on Wednesday in the early afternoon to determine if the aneurysm could be seen that way, or if follow up CT scans would be needed. Unfortunately the ultrasound was unable to give visibility to the aneurysm so we need to go back downtown for a CT in a month. Until then, we will be following up with Sam’s cardiologist weekly and monitoring his condition with EKG, echo, and with his pulses and blood pressures in all four limbs.

We are still hoping Sam will be heart healthy and not need any further interventions for the next 2-3 years. We were able to come home late Wednesday night and for now, everything is back to normal.


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