Wednesday, February 11


Hi! We are making slow but steady progress here. Sam is up to 8ml/hour milk via feeding tube and is 3.8lbs now.

He was taken back off the CPAP the same night he was put on because it made him really angry (I wouldn’t want all that nonsense taped to my face either) and spent a few days at 3L on the cannula instead. Today he went back down to 2L. He’s still at 21% oxygen which is the same as the air we breathe. He just needs the little bit of pressure to help him take big enough breaths right now. He’s doing well so far at 2L.

We hope that less oxygen flow will mean less air in the tummy and less spit up, so he can progress on feeding more quickly. He is close to being on full feeds (milk only, no IV). Hopefully soon after that we can start breast and bottle feeding.

He’s also maintaining his body temperature well and might be able to move from the incubator to a regular crib soon.

Everything still looks good post surgery but we need to keep watching closely for a while.

No word yet on transferring back to CDH but we are crossing our fingers it will be soon. Lurie Childrens is an amazing hospital, but I could do without the drive.


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